Can it really work in three to four sessions?

Yes, it can. It’s specifically designed to get straight to the core problem, identify it, and give you the knowledge and ability to challenge it. We don’t want to tie up your time and money for longer than is necessary. Success for us looks like giving you a solution that works, in the time we promised. Most people will need no more than three or four sessions.

How can it work in so many different fields?

Executive or entrepreneur, pilot or politician, footballer or financial trader, identities are formed in the same way and experience the same sort of disruptions. This means that the fixes are very similar, even when the specific area the problem’s experienced in may be different.

Am I the right client for A-Game?

If you’ve achieved a high level of success in your field; if you’ve hit a block that’s causing you problems or blocking your progress; and if you’re determined to do something about it – you’re the right client for A-Game. But just to make sure, we fact find with every client before the first session; and if we don’t think we can help you, we won’t sign you up. Ethics is important to us.

Is it expensive?

Well, it’s not a $47 special offer product. But we do everything we can to make sure it delivers value for you. We want to make sure that the benefit you get from fixing your problem significantly outweighs the financial cost of the program. And if you’re not happy with the program at any point, you can leave with no further obligation and we’ll refund your current session. That’s how confident we are that what we do works.

Nothing's ever worked before - why would this?

Respectfully, there’s a lot of what we’ve been known to call “woo-woo” out there. By that, we mean things that aren’t based on any known science. Everything we do is based around lived experience and proven method but it’s also backed up by scientific, peer-reviewed research. And because we keep up to date with the latest findings in the field, our work will stay cutting edge.

You didn't answer my question here

No problem. Get in touch via the contact form with any other questions you have, and we’ll be more than happy to answer them.