What's Behind The A-Game Program?

The A-Game program is designed to quickly and efficiently deliver a solution to a specific problem or challenge. You bring us the problem. We’ll give you the tools to fix it, and to stop it coming back.

A-Game works with you on your identity – so you’re becoming the best version of yourself, the one that has the confidence you need, knows you’re not an imposter, comfortably deals with others, and knows that they are more than any one deal, job or success.

We become who we are based on our genetics, our experiences and our interactions with others. Changing beliefs, emotions and behaviours can only go so far to fixing core issues that repeat again and again. All of these things are responses to scripts that we’ve learned. If you can understand and challenge the identity issue that underlies the problem, the script changes – and so do the beliefs, emotions and behaviors. 


How Does It Work?

We recommend three or four sessions for the majority of our clients. The A-Game program works around a standard framework.

Session 0 - 30 Minute Introduction Call

Prior to any sessions, we hold a free 30 minute call, via Zoom, to make sure that your requirement and our service are a good fit.

We only want to work with clients who we know we can help. This means that your issue is one that falls into our area of expertise, and that you’re ready to solve it. It also means we’re happy that you’ve had chance to understand what we do, and how we do it.

During the call, we’ll be gathering information about you, the problem you want to solve, and the result that you’re looking to achieve. We’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decision about us, how we work, and whether the A-Game programme is right for you. 

Session 1 - Problem Definition and Background

We go into this session with some background on the problem gathered from Session 0, so we can get down to work straight away. We’ll define the problem in more detail; where and when it’s occurring, and the challenges that’s creating for you. We will explore your reactions, potential alternative responses and variability in different situations. We’ll also look at areas where your main strengths lie, and where you’ve shown the greatest ability to meet challenges.

Session 2 - Self-Concept - Past, Present, Future

In this session, we’re concentrating on your identity, the way that you see how yourself and how that’s developed. We’ll also be looking for and pinpointing the root cause of your current challenge, based on past experiences and future projections. Depending on your own specific issue, you’ll answer questionnaires tailored to get very specific answers about the best way to target the issue. We provide detailed feedback to you after the session. You’ll leave Session 2 with a much clearer picture of the challenge, its sources, where your experiences have reinforced it, and how to deal with it.

Session 3 - Identity Reframing

Session 3 is where everything really comes together for the majority of people.  Here we discuss and present conclusions to you, in an iterative process in which you can come to understand the forces that have shaped your identity, and the ways amending perceptions of identity can give a different set of beliefs, reactions and attitudes. Whether you’re struggling with lack of clarity or with negativity around your self-concept, our goal is to give you a straightforward, workable plan that you can take away and put into action, from day one, to address your issue. Because we’re working with identity, and not with the issue, this gives you the scope to apply your learnings across different areas of your lie, rather than limiting you to fixing a single problem. With Identity Reframing, you become the person who can deal with that challenge from a place of understanding and strength.

Session 4 - Identity Reinforcement

Many people only need three sessions. However, if identity develops over the course of years, and some people find they want extra support to take on reframing it. If you require it, we can work further with you on reinforcing the element of your self-concept that needs work. In this session, we work with you to embed the identity aspects you need to achieve your goal.

Why Does It Work?

The framework is standard, but each program is tailored for your specific requirements. This is a very individual program, because we’re all different and to get the best results at this level we all need a tailored, person-specific solution. All work is done one-on-one over Skype, in 60 minute sessions. Inbetween sessions, we take away the information provided in the session to work on defining your challenge and its solution, and we feed the results into the material for the follow-up session. We give you follow-up after each session, so you’re always an active partner in your own development, and you get to put your discoveries into practice between sessions.

All post-session detailed feedback, analysis of questionnaires completed in session, and email support between sessions and for two weeks after your final session is included in the session cost.

A-Game’s method will never be static. We follow, and are involved in, developments in psychology research; so our method will always benefit from the latest findings. 

You will get the best service that we can give you. In line with our motto, we want you to be able to bring your A-Game, your best self, whenever you need it.